Walk Trot Transitions Test, Saturday February 1, 10 am PST

We will hold the Dressage in SL Walk-Trot Transitions Test on Saturday, February 1, 10 am SLT at the Heart Stables’ Dressage Ring in Cherry Island.

Spectators are welcome.

Competitors should arrive early and choose their own run order. Testing is limited to 5 ride/horse pairs, so please come early to ensure that you have an opportunity to ride.  Simply choose a numbered stall under the show tent to pick your ring appearance order.  Riders may practice in the Court up till 10 minutes prior to the start of the first competitor.

Competitors will be weighed in prior to beginning their test.  Please make sure that your individual script usage is under 3 Mb. Your team will be weighed prior to mounting up, if rider or horse is overweight, then they will lost their run order and go last in order to correct their overweight.

During the tests, no other horses or riders will be allowed on the Court. The on-deck spot is reserved for the next horse/rider pair, who should wait in the on-deck circle until it is time for them to mount up and ride.  Security will escort trespassers off the court.

This competition will not award points.  Grading is based on percentages, and the top three highest total percentage score will receive 1-3rd ribbons. first place will receive a trophy as well.   All entrants will receive their test scores. Comments may or may not be included with those scores, depending on time.

All spectators are welcome. Only Water Horse mesh horse avatars may compete as horses.

Do not speak to the Judge once competition begins.

Scoring matrix:

1. Transition from walk to Working Trot: 10 points

2. Transition from Working trot to Extended Trot: 10 points

3. Transition from Working Trot to Walk: 10 points

4. Transition from Working Trot to Passage: 10 points

5. Transition from Extended Trot to Working Trot: 10 points

6. Performance of 1/2 Circles: 10 points

7. Performance of Voltes: 10 points

8 .Performance on Rail: 10 points

9. Performance in corners: 10 points

10. Turnout of Horse & rider: 10 points

Notes to horses and riders:

Check your script weight.  Wait in the on deck circle when the number immediately before yours is in the Court. Do not converse in local when in the on-deck circle.  Listen to what the Judge and Show Steward tell you, and do it.

See you there, and have a great show!

Dressage in SL: Figures Test Sunday August 25, 6 pm SLT

Please join us for the Dressage in SL Figures Test.

Horses & Riders will be judged on their turnout and ability to successfully complete the Dressage in SL Figures Test (as covered on August  11 & 18).

In order to help horses prepare for the Test, I have free copies of the Dressage in SL Figures Test HUD available for horses and riders in the Ladies’ Pleasure store in Bravium, and the test pattern itself is already loaded into my full-sized Dressage Court.  If you prefer convenience and privacy of your own Dressage Court, you can get the HUD and the pattern insert on MP for $199L.

Entrants will be tested on this Test (only, no others) on Sunday, August 25, at 6 pm SLT.

Entrants will be expected to be ‘Dressage Court’ ready.

This means: formal tack, groomed manes and tails, and script weight under 3 Mb. Riders are expected to be in formal attire (shadbelly, hat, etc).  Please make sure your boots are correctly rigged or split to enable proper leg. Horses and riders alike will be weighed prior to assigning run order.  Entrants will use Ladies’ Pleasure Dressage Riding Systems (supplied, in my rezzer at our Court).

It is preferable that horses have a rider, as advanced movements will be performed.

All horses are welcome to watch, but only Water Horse avatars are eligible to compete.

To compete, simply select a show stall next to the Dressage Court to determine your run order.  We are limited to five entries.

I will provide judging services (and of course, my horses may not compete).

Ribbons to three places and a trophy will be awarded and we’ll place a trophy with the winner’s name in our official winners trophy case in Ladies’ Pleasure.

Pick up your practice HUD here:

Here’s your horse trailer to the Court:

See you on Sunday, August 25 at 6 pm SLT.

Sunday Dressage Meet, 6 pm SLT Sunday August 11


We will build on the walk/trot transitions of the previous weeks by adding in 20m circles and diagonals, and the long rein reach for the bit at walk and trot.

Please come prepared to work with your rider. Horses should have the ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ Dressage HUD set-up and ready to go.

Meet takes place at the Dressage Court at the Ladies’ Pleasure store.

Spectators are welcome, please use this link to visit.

Scores from Dressage in SL Sunday Meet

Waiting for the Tests to start

Waiting for the Tests to start

Competitors and Spectators at the Test Ground

Competitors and Spectators at the Test Ground

Competitors Warm Up before the Tests

Competitors Warm Up before the Tests

Four entrants rode the test on Sunday, August 4th.

In first place, with 62%, Orb ridden by Shaharazad.

Second Place, with 61%, Xanthippus, ridden by Lati Darling.

Third place, with 58%, Sezje, ridden by Kaly Zepp.

Fourth place, with 56%, Yvael.A really nice showing by the competitors.  We will test the Walk-Trot Transition test again in a couple of weeks for those who were unable to participate.